RockRidge Canyon

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RockRidge Canyon
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Spiritual Leadership

  • Model Christ in word, deed and actions.
  • Model and promote Young Life’s mission and values. Represent Young Life positively and professionally within the community.
  • Provide spiritual leadership to other staff, interns, crew,  and volunteers, if applicable.
  • Pray for kids, Young Life volunteers, and fellow Young Life staff.
  • Ensure that all ministry at RockRidge Canyon is designed and carried out with a dependence on prayer that flows from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Housekeeping Duties

  • Refer and adhere to all Housekeeping policies and procedures.
  • Receive daily information from the Housekeeping Supervisor regarding housing and linen requirements.
  • Refer to Housekeeping Manual for all cleaning procedures and standards.
  • Implement cleaning policies and procedures.
  • Inspect facilities to ensure established safety and cleanliness standards are met.
  • Report and recommend additional services required such as painting, repair work, renovations, replacement of furnishings and equipment and other deficiencies.
  • Ensure that storage areas and carts are well stocked and tidy.
  • Complete all assigned duties for the main Pinnacle building, dorm rooms, guest rooms, lounges, washrooms, etc.
  • Clean rooms, hallways, lobbies, restrooms, lounges, corridors, stairways, elevators and other work areas so that health standards are met.
  • Empty wastebaskets and garbage cans and transport to waste disposal areas.
  • Restock paper products and linens as needed.
  • Sweep, scrub, wax and/or polish floors using brooms, mops and/or power scrubbing machines.
  • Demonstrate proper usage of both commercial and residential equipment, which includes usage of chemicals.
  • Keep Laundry Room and other work areas (janitor’s closets in dorms) clean, tidy, stocked and orderly.
  • Responsible for collection of dirty linens, sorting, washing, folding and ironing (WCL), including kitchen and pool towels, and returning to proper storage places.
  • Move and arrange furniture, turn mattresses.
  • Disinfect equipment and supplies. Keep products well stocked, clearly labeled and organized.
  • Follow proper procedures for mixing chemicals, abiding by all safety, WHMIS and MSDS procedures.
  • Work in conjunction with the Housekeeping Supervisor to ensure proper staffing levels. 
  • Abide by lost and found policy and procedure.
  • Train and supervise seasonal interns and crew.
  • Occasionally train on-call staff and volunteers to ensure adequate staffing throughout the rental season.
  • Arrive at work on time, properly attired and prepared to work.

Team Duties and Responsibilities

  • Effectively communicate with other property departments regarding guest groups. Understand and promote effective interdepartmental relationships as related to service for guest groups.
  • Model open communication and work collaboratively with the property staff team and the Young Life staff team in support of Young Life’s mission, core values and strategic plan.
  • Engage with and foster healthy relationships with the property staff team.
  • Attend devotionals and staff meetings.
  • Nourish a truthful, accountable, forgiving, joyful, and healthy work culture. 
  • On occasion, provide leadership and direction to assigned work staff, both paid and volunteer. 
How to Apply
Submit cover letter and resume using the link on RockRidge Canyon Careers page